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Become A Signatory Contractor

Discover the difference of a Union workforce.

Electrical contractors signatory to International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 234 employ the region’s highly skilled and highly trained electrical workforce. By employing the area’s top electrical workers, these contractors know their projects will be finished on time and on or under budget. A union trained electrical workforce completes their duties more efficiently than those in the non-union sector by performing high-quality work correctly the first time. Now is the time to become a signatory contractor with IBEW Local 234.

Other advantages of employing highly trained and highly skilled industrial, commercial and residential electricians and sound and communications installers and technicians include:

A Knowledgeable and Well-Trained Workforce

IBEW electrical workers have the education and training to successfully and correctly finish any project – no matter the size or scope of work.

Electrical Workers With Access to Industry Leading Education

The IBEW Local 234 Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) provides journeyman upgrade classes and continuing education classes to ensure members have the education and skills to expertly complete the work asked of them.

The IBEW Local 234 JATC operates a California state-registered apprenticeship program to ensure the ongoing availability of trained, qualified workers. The electrical apprenticeship program is five years for inside electricians (industrial, commercial and residential) and three years for sound and communication installer and technicians.

A Safe Workforce

Members of IBEW Local 234 undergo industry-leading OSHA safety courses to ensure their safety and the safety of those who work around them on the jobsite. A safe workforce helps to prevent workplace fatalities and reduce injuries, which ultimately limit unplanned work stoppages. This helps keep the project on schedule and also helps reduce Workers’ Compensation costs.

Hire Electricians at No Cost

The IBEW is a job referral service, as IBEW Local 234 provides signatory contractors with certified electrical workers at zero cost. This saves affiliated contractors from wasting money on advertising, screening, training or, in some cases, membership fees. Employing IBEW members can save contractors thousands of dollars per year in hiring costs.

IBEW Local 234 requires all signatory contractors to make a manpower request by 1:30 p.m. in order for an electrical worker to report to the jobsite the next day.

Request Foreman or a Special Skill

Hire a foreman from our qualified list or put in a “speciality call” to request an electrical worker with a specific skill or certification.

Access to a Workforce to Meet Your Manpower Needs

Local 234 signatory contractors have access to a workforce to meet the manpower needs of any size project. Our contractors have the flexibility to man-up or man-down according to specific job sites needs.



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