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Discover the many advantages of joining IBEW Local 234.

Experienced non-union electrical workers who choose to become a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 234 will experience improved working conditions and a higher quality of life.

IBEW Local 234 proudly negotiates with our signatory contractors on a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), which established wages, benefits, fair treatment and safer working conditions. A CBA provides a number of benefits to both the employer and workers.

Some of the many benefits of a CBA include:


Local 234 members will receive equal pay, regardless of race or gender. The hourly rates for IBEW members is based on trade classification (inside, residential, sound and communication). The CBA also specifies overtime and holiday rates. Often times, CBA hourly rates exceed non-union hourly rates.

Working Conditions

All electrical workers are required to take mandatory industry leading OSHA safety training. Furthermore, all IBEW members are required to follow all safety procedures in order to ensure their safety and the safety of all others on the jobsite. This helps reduce injuries and limits or prevents jobsite accidents.


Members receive excellent health insurance, in addition to a pension plan.

Grievance Procedure

All jobsite conflicts are settled through the CBA’s grievance procedure, in accordance with the Labor-Management Committee.


CBA language may include mandatory journeymen upgrade classes in order to ensure tradesmen and tradeswomen have the knowledge and skill to perform the work. Contractors pay for journeymen to take continuing education classes, which help members improve their skill set and make them more employable.


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