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For Daniel Gilbertson, Learning A Trade Opens Doors

For Daniel Gilbertson, learning a trade opens doors

By Jondi Gumz-Santa Cruz Sentinel

SANTA CRUZ — At a time when college costs are escalating, student debt is burdensome and fewer good-paying jobs are open to young people with a baccalaureate degree, Daniel Gilbertson stands out.

A Santa Cruz native, Gilbertson says he didn’t have the chance to go to college after high school. He enjoyed being outside so he worked for his father-in-law in construction.

Today, at 27, he makes nearly $87,000 a year and foresees a favorable future.

“I make more than all of my friends, and some are college grads,” he said. “And I have zero school debt.”

His secret to success: a five-year apprenticeship through the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 234.

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