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Local electricians plug into the sun

By Kera Abraham

Eco-energy was electric in Castroville last weekend, when a labor union’s parking lot doubled as a solar tech training lab.

During the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ Nov. 7-8 “Solar Power Road Show,” IBEW’s Los Angeles chapter taught more than 100 local electricians how to install rooftop photovoltaic systems, avoid hazards with solar wiring and use a hand-held “solar eye” to map a site’s sun exposure throughout the year, among other skills.

“Electrical is a huge and intricate part of the green movement,” says Paul Gutierrez, director of industry development for IBEW Local 234. “We’re taking a hit as much as everyone else in the construction industry, but if everyone were to take advantage of the sun’s energy and step back from foreign oil, it would create thousands of jobs.”

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